SSI Dive Professional

ssi_professional_program_smYou want to become a SSI Dive Professional ?

We offer Dive Guide, Dive Master and Dive Control Special Courses and Cross-Overs on a regular basis. Every 3 months we start together with the SSI Service Center an SSI ITC to prepare future SSI Instructors. Guido and Andre will instruct you and teach you all about the SSI System, Trainings, Skills, legal situations, right reactions, group management and everything to be a good Instructor.

Dive Guide*: 750,00 USD, incl. material and certification
Dive Master*: 400,00 USD, incl. material and certification
Dive Control Specialist*: 1000,00 USD, incl. material and certification

Instructor Courses:
Instructor Crossover*: price on request
ITC*: price on request
Specialty Instructor Courses*:  price on request

*SSI Costs are not included.